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Morces Help Businesses Go Mobile

by Editor on 2014-09-22 10:41:23

Whether you are on the train, cafeterias or shopping malls, you see people using smartphones. Yes, smartphones, 3G/4G and the mobile web is changing the way how people interact. In the social context, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all changing the way how people can interact and share stuffs. If you follow closely to these companies, you know that these big companies are preparing and advancing to the mobile era (There are plenty of acquisitions of mobile apps recently - in millions/billions). All these actions can only mean one thing. There is a proven record of consumers going mobile. If consumers are going mobile, are the businesses preparing for it? 

Well, there is a problem with the current situation. There are more and more mobile users and most businesses are still not ready for them. Have you ever try surfing the web for information(telephone, location) via your smartphone and found out that the information is so difficult or impossible to retrieve? In fact, we built Morces to solve this problem. Morces is developed help businesses (small, medium sized) to prepare and target the growing mobile consumers niche.

We did research and these are the most common reasons why business choose not to go mobile yet.

  • Difficulty in optimizing/creating mobile site and to integrate it with existing website.
  • Extra manpower and work, see no need for it.
  • Most small & medium businesses do not have the technical capabilities and resources.

In fact, all these problems are not really complex. Morces make the mobilization of websites a breeze. An average user can create a mobile site for his website or marketing campagin in just a few minutes. More than a content management system (for mobile), we are building Morces to be a mobile platform, content management system is just part of it. Our vision is to change the way how businesses can interact with the mobile consumers. To do so, getting the business on mobile is just our first step.

Morces is currently at its first phase. We are growing slowly and are so excited to incorporate our ideas into the platform.


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