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Basic Requirements of Good Mobile Site

by Bryan Wong on 2014-07-24 12:12:19

Factors to achieve highest success rate in any corporate is defined by the right balance between efficient product development, aggressive marketing effort, value cultivation and adequate service support. To accelerate the rate of progression, professionals use cutting edge technologies to reduce redundant steps, increase scope and define new opportunities within limited time. In today’s context, there is no doubt that almost every business are going mobile by building mobile website, mobile app or even set up mobile campaigns to attract the new breed of consumers. In this topic, we are covering on how to maximize the fullest functionality and capacity of every mobile website. If it is done well, you might see a long queue starting to form outside your store tomorrow.

Optimize text and graphic for easy readability. It is the most basic requirement of all mobile site. As mobile consumers are always on the go, we want to provide convenience by limiting their finger movements by making single directional scroll and disabling two finger pinch to zoom for larger font size. Not only default text can help to bring right information across at single glance, text optimization can avoid potential open-ended link. Thumbnail graphic or tab can be used for easy thumb access in the main page though. 

Include functional feature to let interested mobile consumers reach business easily. Integrate Google map can help users map accurate direction to stores from any tracked location. Leverage on this state of art technology can help to compete against rivals, bringing more potential consumers into the store. More than necessary, do include a ‘Call Us’ tab for customers to contact the store at one click. It activates the phone dialer to call number atuomatically without hassling consumers to key in the phone number. Consumers appreciate small little thoughts like this to make their shopping a pleasant one.

Embed forms in mobile website for buyers. Some traditional buyers may find mobile forms a familiar feature to contact instead. Instead of having real time contact, it caters mobile consumers for non-urgent request such as table reservation or feedback. Very often, mobile messages are short, hence it is recommended to design as  little fields as possible to send e-mail in less effort - subject title, selectable category and small structured message box. If neccessary, embed an e-mail tab to help users to activate their phones' mailing application to send long text and graphical e-mail.

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