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Be the front runner in Mobile Web Designing!

by Editor on 2014-09-22 10:41:23

You might have come across many latest trends in mobile website development. It is true that experience molds you to become the best of a developer, but the gem of results come with the choice of the significant factors concerning while designing a mobile friendly website.

Usually, networks running at a snail’s pace, smaller screens and reduced memory impede the web designer’s freedom to provide for the user requirements while accessing websites via mobiles and smartphones. It seems much better if we reduce the amount of JavaScript and CSS files. Or merging the CSS and Java files can be another possible remedy. This might not be possible every now and again, however accommodating these considerations help the users to download the web pages at a faster pace.

Furthermore, it needs to be furnished that fixed width designs are not popular. In fact, they do not serve the purpose as well. Mobile handsets, obviously features small screens than desktops. Nevertheless, the screen sizes vary and so do their resolution. Fixed width design worked on smaller mobile phones look much smaller on large phones. The latest trends in mobile website development is Fluid design where in the layout of every page of your website stretches out to accommodate to the full width of the screen. It is better to consider this feature if you wish to support a wide range of devices.

Another big thing mobile site developers need to provide includes functions that are in concurrence with the features of smart phones and tablets. Most of these devices use touch screens and you cannot make free movements with fingers as opposed to mouse pointer. If you advocate small font size to incorporate large amounts of information, no doubt you compromise user experience as it is more difficult to read. It is wise to use at least a 14 pixel font size. This is because the pixel size suitable on desktop becomes even smaller in mobile devices.

Be sure that you avoid iFrames and HTML tables if you are catering to the requirements of mobile web users. In majority of instances, there is no space to fit them. The latest trends in mobile website development assert that you need to change your design of the data to suit it within a list view. Or else, you can make it more appealing by choosing a vertically designed table.

Improving user experience is the only short cut to stay in the virtual business for a long time. Following the prerequisites and latest trend in mobile site development help your business grab the position of world leader regardless of products, services and ideas. 

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