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Win back your business with mobile friendly websites.

by Editor on 2014-09-22 10:41:23

With the advent of smart phones and tablets, the proportion of users accessing Internet via these platforms has increased exponentially. Technology now sits in the palm and users find it easier to access World Wide Web while on the go. Indeed, it becomes vital for every business to add to the comfort of the visitors. As these devices vary in their size and resolution, the websites should equally be compatible so that it should not hurt the viewing experience. Hence mobile website development becomes vital. Indeed, the difference is not with regard to the size and resolution only. In fact, the technical specifications also vary from that of desktops and PCs. 

The touch enabled screen makes smartphones and tablets feature better interactions with the user. The navigation is more vertical rather than horizontal. As you know, the hardware in mobile phones is less capable as against desktops. So the design and development of mobile websites should consider all these factors while implementing website development in consensus with the best practices.

Therefore, mobile website development features all elements that enhance the user experience with the sophisticated user interfaces and designs. Successful mobile web designing efforts allow easy conversion of desktop websites in to mobile environment. Only when there is effective integration with the functions and features of phone, the mobile websites become useful.

It is also worth mentioning that websites loaded with Flash Graphics and HTML has already made its exit, while considering mobile website development. In fact, it interferes with the user experience and leads to a very appalling situation where you may see your visitors leaving away from your website. Therefore, mobile website development efforts focus on simple practices that facilitate the appearance and appeal of the website; persuading the visitors to stay on your webpage.

Before you conceive writing a web page, you need to check how it looks on different phones. While designing a mobile friendly platform for websites, you need to look in to the mobile trends as well. For instance, if we consider iPhone, it is known for apps. It seems rather easy to create apps for smartphones. Meanwhile, now the trend shows that visitors are more interested in using a browser on phones just like their desktop.

It is obvious that the visitor does not want to go through the task of downloading the app; instead they want to access the website immediately after they type in the domain and access the needed within flip of a second. In case you create an app, it certainly implies that you need to promote the app along with your webpages. However, if you have a mobile friendly webpage, it is obvious that it reduces your workload considerably. 

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