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The Simple Art Of Creating Mobile Optimized Web Pages

by Editor on 2014-09-22 10:41:23

Technology is constantly evolving and so does the consumer behavior. As you know, a large proportion of users access internet via their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Did you ever think that how these websites designed for desktops are comfortably viewed in devices with smaller screen sizes and resolution? You should take a look at the designing practices for the reason that it involves quite a lot of process to make a website mobile friendly.

The increasing need for mobile optimized web pages gets its significance with the advent of mCommerce. You need to make sure that you are not stranded in the business world where consumers access to a multitude of websites within a flip of a second through mobile optimized web pages. You can redefine your business objectives by making sure that you have mobile friendly websites. Every business owner should understand the fact that buzz word is none other than mobile optimized web pages.

A recent study says that  almost three fourth of the mobile users like it to have mobile friendly webpages even though there is a whopping 90 percent have already visited a website that is not optimized for mobiles and smart phones. As a first step in mobile web page optimization, designers should understand that redirecting your users from the desktop page is not a good idea.  Also, pay heed to the contents on your website to get it search engine optimized so that visitors can access it across different device platforms.

Provide a search bar that makes it easy for the visitors to locate your website. If you are a person accessing websites via mobile devices, hold on for a sec and think about how you behave. Certainly, you find that you like less scrolling and clicking with a faster page loading time. Indeed, mobile users tend to possess these specific habits because of the limitation in the capabilities of the device.

Therefore, the only possible way is to mold the design practices to provide state of the art facilities to mobile users with the aid of mobile web page optimization techniques. The presence of fluid grids and responsive web design techniques supports mobile friendly web pages. Also provide user friendly navigation options through spacing navigation links so that the user can tap them with a thumb. Before you start creating mobile web pages, you need to go through the limitations of mobile devices to better your designing efforts. Improve your visitors with the best mobile website designing tools by adopting the latest in technology. 

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