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The Dos And Donts In Mobile Website Designing

by Derek Ang on 2014-10-06 04:44:21

Mobile web designing is on a high as the proportion of people accessing the web pages are sky rocketing like never before. When you are planning to make it big in the mobile online world, via mobile web development techniques, there are some dos and don’ts. Adhering to these criteria will help business make a unique name in the virtual world.

Let’s see what needs to be avoided while going for web designing for mobile devices platform. Mobile optimized web pages cannot be implemented overnight. As said above you need to make sure that you have not included those components that are not advisable on a mobile friendly web page.

When mobile websites are implemented, ensure that you have not incorporated any cookies, flash animation, frames, nested tables and inappropriate web fonts. In fact, these trivial, yet important elements assumes great importance while designing website for mobile devices. If the presence of these elements are too conspicuous, you may not get the visitors as it interferes with the page loading time and user experience. In effect, users tend to leave your website and the very purpose of creating mobile website is sabotaged at the nascent stage itself!

Indeed, such situation is too appalling since all you need is to ensure that you keep away from these web designing practices. The reason why these features are ignored while designing mobile friendly web pages is that most of the devices do not support these practices. If we take graphics designing for mobile web pages, even though they support images they do possess smaller websites. Furthermore, many devices allows the images to fit in to the small screen size, however, will display a more appalling look. On the contrary, some may not support resizing, and thus visitors may find it hard to read leading to a poor user experience.

Moreover, it is better if you keep the web pages small and precise to enhance its visibility. This part of Search Engine Optimization, a very advanced tool to improve the performance of your website during search engine results. Gaining robust web presence is a daunting task unless you stick on with the right mobile web design practices.

Before you implement the mobile friendly web pages, make sure that you run a test in smartphones and other mobile devices. While you think about mobile web pages, you need to get it displayed flawlessly. Provide endless freedom to your visitors by optimizing your mobile website pages. 

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