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Mistake To Avoid in QR Code Marketing Campaign

by Bryan Wong on 2014-07-24 11:43:29

Students can reserve a library room via a simple scan on QR code printed walls in campus; Commuters can read a restaurant menu by scanning QR code printed a panel that they passby daily; I can now scan a QR code printed on every bus stop to check the arrival of my bus without activating an app.

That is the convenience of using QR code.

It has become a norm to adopt QR Code advertising and packaging. Due to its fast readability and wide dissemination of mobile


Morces on Google Chrome Web Store

by Editor on 2014-09-22 10:41:23

Today, we have published Morces app in Google Chrome web store. You can now add Morces as an extension in Google Chrome browser. Be sure to add Morces in your Google Chrome and write us some reviews today.


Grab! feature is now available!

by Bryan Wong on 2014-07-24 11:45:36

Things are really amazing when you see how technology can ease your development time.

With Morces’ Grab! You no longer need to worry about messing up with your codes.  It allows you to obtain web information from any source though simple clicks and that’s all! No more worrying about alignments and adjustment of size all processes are automated when you activate the Grab! Feature.

  • To use this, you simple need to click on the "Grab" when


Improved Widgets Section of Mobile Site Module

by Editor on 2014-09-22 10:41:23

We have improved the design of the widgets section under the mobile site module. To have a view of how the new widget section looks like. Go to Mobile Site > Widgets (Left Navigation). Below is a screenshot of the new widgets section.

Previously the widgets section adopted a two rows layout design. After much consideration, we


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