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Basic Requirements of Good Mobile Site

by Bryan Wong on 2014-07-24 12:12:19

Factors to achieve highest success rate in any corporate is defined by the right balance between efficient product development, aggressive marketing effort, value cultivation and adequate service support. To accelerate the rate of progression, professionals use cutting edge technologies to reduce redundant steps, increase scope and define new opportunities within limited time. In today’s context, there is no doubt that almost every business


Morces Help Businesses Go Mobile

by Editor on 2014-09-22 10:41:23

Whether you are on the train, cafeterias or shopping malls, you see people using smartphones. Yes, smartphones, 3G/4G and the mobile web is changing the way how people interact. In the social context, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all changing the way how people can interact and share stuffs. If you follow closely to these companies, you know that these big companies are preparing and advancing to the mobile era (There are plenty of acquisitions of mobile apps recently - in


Morces Blog Launch

by Editor on 2014-09-22 10:41:23

Hello peeps. Finally, we have an official blog! We will be posting updates regarding our platform and company on a regular basis. Feel free to drop by and check out our latest updates.

Here's a brief background about Morces and what we do. Morces is created to help businesses go mobile in the simplest possbile way. Any business can go mobile with morces in just a matter of minutes. The beauty of Morces is that we make things really simple for end users.

Since our launch


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