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The Simple Art Of Creating Mobile Optimized Web Pages

by Derek Ang on 2014-09-04 11:42:20

Technology is constantly evolving and so does the consumer behavior. As you know, a large proportion of users access internet via their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Did you ever think that how these websites designed for desktops are comfortably viewed in devices with smaller screen sizes and resolution? You should take a look at the designing practices for the reason that it involves quite a lot of process to make a website mobile friendly.

The increasing need for


Equip unlimited freedom for your visitors

by Derek Ang on 2014-08-28 15:04:40

Designing websites for mobiles and tablets involves a number of challenges even though the basic tenets remain same and resemble the conventional web page development techniques. The users access websites via different platforms, a large proportion is interested in accessing the websites via mobile phones. Therefore, web designers should focus on the best practices to make it compatible on a wide range of mobile devices.

Mobile web designing should follow certain prerequisites. You


Win back your business with mobile friendly websites.

by Derek Ang on 2014-08-12 12:42:08

With the advent of smart phones and tablets, the proportion of users accessing Internet via these platforms has increased exponentially. Technology now sits in the palm and users find it easier to access World Wide Web while on the go. Indeed, it becomes vital for every business to add to the comfort of the visitors. As these devices vary in their size and resolution, the websites should equally be compatible so that it should not hurt the viewing experience. Hence mobile website development


Be the front runner in Mobile Web Designing!

by Derek Ang on 2014-08-04 15:02:12

You might have come across many latest trends in mobile website development. It is true that experience molds you to become the best of a developer, but the gem of results come with the choice of the significant factors concerning while designing a mobile friendly website.

Usually, networks running at a snail’s pace, smaller screens and reduced memory impede the web designer’s freedom to provide for the user requirements while accessing websites via


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